7 Advantages of CMMS

The advantages of a CMMS (Computer Aided Maintenance Management) system are many for industry. It is software that helps to plan, manage and maintain equipment or facilities efficiently and effectively through process automation and data management.

If you want to know more about the CMMS system , we can help you. And ideally, if you are considering the advantages of implementing it, you should get to know our CMMS software.

It has numerous benefits, so many that, depending on your sector or the way your factory is organized, they will be very different. In MESbook we review them all and also discover their price .

Depending on your requirements, you will be able to find cheaper or less expensive computerized management and maintenance systems. The important thing is that you know from the beginning what you need and what you can do without.


Advantages of CMMS for industrial companies

Computer-aided maintenance management, also known as CMMS, is a technological tool that allows organizations to optimize the management of the maintenance required to operate their production facilities and equipment.

The following are the strengths of the CMMS:

Increased efficiency in planning

The first advantage of CMMS is that it provides a complete, real-time view of equipment tasks, inventory levels, maintenance costs and downtime. This helps to plan tasks in advance, leading to higher throughput and greater efficiency in work management.

2. Cost reduction, a key CMMS benefit

CMMS software helps reduce maintenance costs by minimizing downtime, reducing maintenance expenses and optimizing stock control and spare parts ordering processes. Proper equipment management also reduces replacement costs and extends equipment life.

Improved spare parts management

It also provides efficient inventory management and helps to avoid missing or excess parts. It associates the spare parts needed for each type of intervention. The software allows you to better control costs and look for more economical alternatives. All this translates into efficiency, reduction of time and money and maximization of resources.

4. Increased availability of equipment

Another advantage of CMMS is that it allows proper tracking of preventive maintenance, which helps to prevent equipment failures, prolong its useful life and improve its availability. Optimal preventive planning avoids unnecessary downtime caused by an excessive number of preventive or corrective actions.

5. Safety, a key benefit

By closely monitoring equipment maintenance and performance, CMMS helps avoid the risk of workplace accidents and minimizes the risk of technical equipment failure.

6. Higher quality of service

Other benefits of CMMS are that it can improve the quality of the service offered. It can help track key performance indicators (KPIs) and inform customers about the progress and status of repairs.

7. Accurate and auditable records

The CMMS allows accurate recording of the details of repairs and preventive maintenance, which facilitates subsequent auditing and decision making. In addition, the system will guide the operator to correctly execute the action guidelines, which will also be recorded.

In conclusion, the advantages of CMMS are that it is a tool that not only reduces costs and increases efficiency, but also improves the quality of the service offered, reduces the risk of occupational accidents and helps to extend the useful life of the equipment.

With all these benefits, it is not surprising that more and more organizations are implementing CMMS systems to manage their maintenance more efficiently.At MESbook we can help you since it is key to hire a reference company for its implementation.

CMMS Price

The price of a CMMS system depends on several factors. Therefore, the main thing is to be clear about what you really need, and what is an accessory. That way you will be able to select a CMMS system that is truly a useful tool in your company. It will also save you unnecessary costs.

Next, let's take a look at the main factors that alter the price of a CMMS system:

  • System functionalities: A CMMS system can have different functionalities, such as preventive maintenance management, inventory management, work order tracking, integration with ERP systems, among others. The more functionalities the system has, the higher the price will be.
  • System scalability: A scalable CMMS system allows the user to add more users or functionality as business needs change. This may increase the cost of the system initially, but in the long run it may be more cost effective than having to change the system completely.
  • Number of users: The number of users that will use the CMMS system can also influence pricing. Some systems charge per user or require licenses that must be renewed annually. The more users the system has, the higher the cost.
  • Support and maintenance: Good technical support and maintenance is essential for a CMMS system, which can influence the price. Some systems include technical support and upgrades in the price, while others charge separately.
  • Development cost: the price of CMMS systems can also vary according to the complexity of the development and the customization required to adapt to the specific needs of the company.
  • Integration with other systems: the ability to integrate with other business systems, such as ERP, CRM, among others, can increase the cost of the CMMS system.

There are many CMMS systems with different advantages on the market today, from free software to high-end customized solutions, so it is important for companies to carefully evaluate their needs and consider these factors before choosing a system.

It is important to have a clear vision of what you want before investing in a solution, so that you can make an informed and appropriate choice that provides the best return on investment. But what is critical is to only hire vendors with proven experience and a proven approach .

If you want to know our prices to have a more adjusted range taking into account your requirements and needs, just contact us.

Marta Cejudo

Product Manager at MESbook

Marta Cejudo

Industrial organization engineer with 4 years of experience in real-time factory management as KAM.

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