My factory is special, I am not sure I could be able to deploy MESbook.
Sure you can, we have clients from various sectors and different casuistry. We can assure you that if you have a production line, you can implement MESbook and benefit from the improvement of your income statement.
Is MESbook and ERP?
No, MESbook connects to the ERP to obtain the “transactional information” of your factory (speed, products, manufacturing orders, descriptions, quantities, etc.). Once we gather this information, we unify it to the one provided by the different sensors and operators, so that we can show you the real time status of your production plant.
If I have an ERP, why do I need MESbook?
Because you are not managing in real time with a ERP. You are not knowing everything that happnes in your factory in an easy, intuitive and reliable way. Por example, you could know with MESbook with one click: how many pieces you have been made so far; what operating controls have been made (or which ones are delayed); what is the biggest peak in productivity in a day; at what times and why a breakdown has happened; be able to plan manufacture orders in real time; check the sign-in’s panel; know the unitary cost per manufactured piece, etc.
Do I need a ERP in my Factory?
No. The first step towards digitalization is to have structured and controlled transactional data in your manufacturing plant. One of the best methods to do so, is an ERP. Although, an ERP is not mandatory, we can adapt the information entry to MESbook to meet your needs.
What do I need for the implementation of MESbook?
We make it easy for you. You need three things: Know your factory, have an ERP system or a transactional data consolidation, and you must be convinced that transforming to Industry 4.0 is not an obligation, but a requirement. We do the rest.
How much time does it takes to deploy MESbook?
MESbook will be completely suitable and operative within 8 weeks. After this period, it would be able to gather, analyze and control an industrial plant. This term includes the installation process or PLCs, server or ERP connection and the staff training needed for a correct use of the system. Furthermore, MESbook is a turnkey project, so you won’t need to worry about anything.
Once MESbook is deployed, what relationship remains?
Our objective is to accompany our client during all the digitization process, while helping him manufacture more, better and cheaper. For this reason, as long as MESbook is in your factory, you will have our full support, helping you find and solve cost holes, improve the data analysis and its gathering, learn how to apply LEAN methodology in your manufacturing plant and enhance the efficiency of your production lines.
Who will help me deploy MESbook?
The question is the other way around. Who is going to help us? That is the only concern you may have: define every participant’s role in the project from your company. We take care of the rest, and if we have questions we will address to them. Furthermore, we can help you define this roles bases in our experience.
Does MESbook updates on a regular basis?
Yes, our Saas (Software as a Service) model allows us to include in the monthly fee all the improvement updates (operative and in usability) required for the hired modules. We are in constant development and innovation, meaning MESbook will always mean an improvement for your factory.
There is a grant for Industry 4.0 in my area. Can I apply with MESbook?
Tentatively yes, MESbook is a cyber-physical system, one of the basic pilars of this fourth industrial revolution. So this grants and subsidies will apply perfectly to the implementation of our system. Furthermore, we can help you manage the call if needed.
Can I watch MESbook performance in another factory?
Yes, we can ask and plan a visit to one of our client’s factory so you can check and have a first-hand experience about the day by day of MESbook in an Industry. You just have to ask.
Is MESbook an operational consulting firm?
Not immediately. MESbook is a real time factory management system and our team, once the software is deployed and the data is gathered, will help you achieve your objectives and improve the most critical aspects of your factory.
What does the fee includes?
The fee includes the management system, technical support, training and updates. It also covers the initial deployment and post-sales full service.
How does the operator access to MESbook?
The operator has a specific role that allows him to select what, how and how much is visible in each of MESbook’s modules. In the plant, the operator will register, do manufacturing controls, open or close manufacturing orders from MESbook and from a Tablet or PC (or any other device equipped with a standard web browser).
Is MESbook a computer program?
No, MESbook is a real time factory management system that connects the four M’s of any manufacturing plant: Man, Machinery, Materials, Methods and Management. It is not an installation program, but one that deploys in a server from which you can access from any place in the world.
Do I have to buy the whole module-package?
No, you can choose from different modules as required. Furthermore, we create de budget based with a custom-built view so you don’t have any kind of obligation (you can increase or decrease regarding your needs at all time).
Is there a limit of products or data to be gathered in MESbook?
No, far from it. MESbook is hired by modules and its price include unlimited storage for products and data, and total access to them.
What is a MES system?
A MES system is the one in charge of the production control. It is located between the company’s ERP and the SCADAS or PLCs. But MESbook is not a MES system. We say we are the (r)evolution of MES systems because we include costs, quality or machine learning modules, among others, that are never part of a MES.