MES System: Quality control in your factory

Total quality management with MESbook

Benefits of efficient, connected and paperless quality control software in production processes

100% traceability control

Based on the concept of End-To-End Quality, from the most basic raw material to any final product format.

Paperless quality control

Plant managers and operators will have the relevant information to improve their performance and perform quality controls in a simple and paperless way.

Immediate corrective actions

Existence of a system of instant alerts and messaging for any non-conformity, allowing immediate corrective action to be taken and real-time analysis to be carried out.

Post-implantation monitoring guidelines

Post-implementation monitoring to ensure data quality, training of teams and implementation of improvement projects.


A quality module within an MES system is a component that is responsible for monitoring and improving product quality. This module can include functions such as data capture and analysis, non-conformance management and quality test automation.

The quality module within the MES system works by collecting real-time product quality data, which is used for analysis and quality improvement. The module can also generate alerts for quality problems and provide tools to resolve them.

The quality module within the MES system can include functions such as nonconformance management, automation of quality tests, real-time monitoring of quality parameters, generation of quality reports, and identification of trends and patterns in quality data.

The quality module within the MES system can help improve product quality by providing tools to identify and resolve quality problems, as well as monitor quality parameters in real time to detect potential problems before they affect the final product.

The quality module within the MES system can record and monitor a wide variety of information, such as product quality parameters, quality tests performed, nonconformities detected and resolved, and quality reports generated.

The quality module within the MES system integrates with other parts of the system by communicating data in real time. For example, quality test results can inform the production module so that process adjustments can be made.

The ease of use of the quality module will depend on the specific system used. However, many MES systems are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, and some even include customizable interfaces to suit each user's needs.

The requirements for implementing the quality module may vary depending on the MES system used. In general, careful planning and evaluation of existing production processes will be required to ensure that the quality module is properly integrated.

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