Efficient management and cost savings in the industrial company with MESbook

Cost Control 4.0

With MESbook you can identify and reduce your factory's costs.

Get better value for money, take appropriate action and manage your resources more efficiently.

MESbook is the only Industry 4.0 MES System that identifies cost holes in real time: labour and shrinkage.

Reducing costs is the main goal of factories 4.0

Identifies cost holes

Establishes improvement plans

Real-time cost controlling

Always connected factory

We provide solutions to all the operational needs of the factory.

What is included in the MESbook MES cost module?

With MESbook, you will be able to carry out Cost Control in real time byautomatically identifying in real time the productivity and cost deviations, as well as the reasons for them.

Knowledge of actual costs

Product and profitability by factory, section, line, customer and product family.

Direct labour costs

Identification of the cause of the deviation (€) from the factory standard: number of people, speed or cost per hour worked.

Raw material costs

Difference and quantifies between different types of process shrinkage, by purchase price.

Analysis and monitoring of improvement actions

Changes in the processes carried out at assembly workstations and an increase in the number of operators in an assembly stage, among others.

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