A MES system is one that is in charge of production control, it is between the company's ERP and the SCADA or PLCs, but MESbook is not a typical MES system. We say that we are the "(r)evolution" of MES systems because we include cost, quality or machine learning modules that are not in the MES, among many others.

No, MESbook is a real-time factory management system that connects the five M's of industrial plants - Man, Machinery, Materials, Method and Management. It is not a programme that is installed on a PC, but is deployed on a server that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

No, MESbook connects to the ERP to obtain the "transactional" information of your factory (speeds, products, manufacturing orders, descriptions, quantities, etc.). Once we have this information, we join it to the information provided by the different sensors and operators to be able to offer the real-time status of the entire plant.

MESbook is the factory management system and our team is the one that, once implemented and with the data analysed, helps you to improve the most critical aspects of your factory based on objective data.

No, sure you can, we have customers from many different sectors and casuistry, and we assure that if you have a production line, MESbook can be implemented and be a great benefit to the bottom line of the company.

No. The first step to start digitisation is to have structured and controlled transactional data from your industrial plant, and one of the best methods for this is ERP. However, it is not necessary to have an ERP, we can adapt the information input to MESbook according to your needs.

We make it easy for you, three things: Know your factory, have an ERP system or consolidation of transactional data and be convinced that entering Industry 4.0 is not an obligation but a necessity. We do the rest.

Within eight weeks, MESbook is fully operational and collecting, analysing and controlling an industrial plant. Within this timeframe, the installation or connection to PLCs, the server and the ERP, and the training of the personnel who must use it. In addition, MESbook is delivered as a turnkey project, so you don't have to worry about anything.

Our goal is to accompany our customers throughout their digitalisation process and, in addition, to help them to manufacture more, better and cheaper. To do this, while MESbook is in your factory you will have complete assistance from us, helping you to find and solve cost holes, improve data analysis and data collection, apply lean methodology in your plant or improve the efficiency of your production lines.

The question is the other way around, who helps us? That is the only concern you need to have: define the roles of each of the project participants on your company's side. We take care of the rest, and when we have questions, we turn to them to answer them. We can even help you define the roles based on our experience.

In principle there is no problem, MESbook is a cyber-physical system, one of the basic pillars of the fourth industrial revolution, so existing grants or subsidies apply perfectly for the implementation of the system. Moreover, we can help you if you need it.

Yes, our SaaS (Software as a service) model maintains that the monthly fee includes the improvement updates (both operational and usability) that are made on the contracted modules. We are in continuous development and innovation, so MESbook will always be an improvement for your factory.

Yes, we can offer one of our existing customers the opportunity to see first-hand what day-to-day life under the system is like, no problem at all. Just let us know.

The fee includes the management system, technical assistance, training and continuous updating of the system, as well as the initial implementation or the comprehensive after-sales service.

The operator has a specific role that allows him to choose what, how and how much he can see of each MESbook module. In the plant, the operator will clock into MESbook, perform controls or open and close manufacturing orders, all from a Tablet or PC (our recommendation), although it can be done from any other device with a web browser.

No, you can choose the different modules you want for your factory, what's more, we budget entirely according to the needs of the client and you are under no obligation, you can grow or shrink according to the needs of each moment.

No, far from it, MESbook is contracted by modules and its price includes unlimited accumulated products and data and full customer access to them.

The MESbook value proposition

Implementing MESbook does not mean eliminating your current ERP.We integrate with the ERP and establish two-way communication:

  1. Capture from ERP of the relevant data and targets of theand targets of the product to be manufactured: Manufacturing Order (OF) and for each OF: Routing, manufacturing line, bill of materials, cycle time, target average speed, target personnel of the line in which it is to be manufactured, etc. From the information imported from the ERP, and with the real data of each production captured by MESbook, the results of the three relevant KPI's in the factory will be calculated: OEE, Costs and Quality and their deviation with respect to the standard in €, as well as their cause.
  1. Uploading of the real data captured in MESbook to the ERP: operator clockings, raw material consumption, production, real cycle time, etc.

A traditional MES system is in charge of production control, it is between the company's ERP and the SCADA or PLCs, but MESbook is not a typical MES system. We say that we are the "(r)evolution" of MES systems because we include cost, quality or machine learning modules that are not in the MES, among many others.

What sets it apart is its focus on identifying improvement projects in three clicks. Something you normally have to do by merging excels, grouping data from many machines, doing extensive work...

The level of savings depends on the number of modules that are contracted and the resource that is dedicated internally to realise the identified opportunities.It is important that MESbook is internalised as the tool for real time factory managementat the level of all departments and people involved, in order to get the most out of it.

In an implementation incorporating the Productivity, Quality and Cost modules, estimated potential savings:10%in direct labour costs,20%reduction in wastage and50k/year-75K€/year in indirect cost savings.. We train you from ourCustomer Success Managementin the tool to use it for this purpose. In addition, we help you to identify the first improvement projects with the best effort/benefit ratio.

MESbook has no implementation costs, except for the hardware connectivity to the machines, tablets/screens and server.

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