Maintenance planning and control system in factories

Connect to the reality of the factory

Optimizes maintenance tasks and reduces downtime with CMMS software

Mesbook allows the definition of preventive maintenance and action guidelines on each of the lines, guiding the operator at all times. Interconnected with the spare parts warehouse and calculating the cost holes in materials and labor.

Mesbook's CMMS software launches corrective plans and stores the information to facilitate resolution in future actions.

Problems identified in maintenance management

What is included in MESbook's CMMS software?

Advantages of using MESbook's CMMS system

Administrative management and connection to other systems

Documentation, machine trees, reports, project management and launching of preventive plans with periodicity, target personnel and target times.

Communication with factory

Connection to machines, technician records, TPM reports and alert control.

TO planning and control

OTs plan, execution control, spare parts management, control panels, generalized vision of the maintenance carried out and real time control of the actions on the lines.


Connection to PLCs and specific sensors, statistical process control, Dataset construction and failure predictor.


An MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is software used to manage and control production processes in a manufacturing plant.

A CMMS integrated into an MES system enables asset management and preventive and corrective maintenance in real time, optimizing production processes and maximizing asset efficiency.

The main functions of a CMMS integrated into an MES system include work order management, preventive and corrective maintenance planning, maintenance scheduling, spare parts inventory management, and real-time reporting and analysis.

A CMMS integrated into an MES system offers several benefits, including reduced unscheduled downtime, improved asset efficiency and availability, reduced maintenance costs, improved product quality, and optimized production planning and execution.

A CMMS integrated into an MES system uses a centralized database that ensures data integrity and consistency in real time. In addition, data is securely stored and accessed through a role-based access security system.

A CMMS embedded in an MES system can collect fault data, such as the frequency and type of faults occurring on assets. This data can be used to perform failure analysis, which can identify patterns and trends in asset behavior, and determine the root causes of recurring failures. This analysis can help optimize preventive maintenance and reduce unplanned downtime, thereby improving production efficiency and profitability.

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