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At MESbook we are committed to our clients' results.

We speak the language of factories and we know that the Industrial Digital Transformation is much more than technology, that's why we offer an improved MES System for Industry 4.0. Each MESbook project is unique and we put our work and effort in achieving the success of each client.

In addition, we are the only solution on the market that incorporates Customer Success Management: continuous support to ensure the use of the tool after implementation, continuous training and opening of improvement projects.

Case Study 4.0 - Ceramic Sector

EL MOLINO: Gain in robustness and reliability of the quality system and total traceability in the plant.

The MESbook and El Molino team worked during the implementation of the software to translate the entire production process of the factory. Based on our knowledge of the sector, we have pre-designed an infrastructure to connect to each of the machines of a production line of tiles in sections, from pressing to packaging. After the successful implementation, we started the Customer Success Management process with continuous training and improvement projects.

Case Study 4.0 - Cosmetics Sector

VIOKOX: Real-time control of the packaging area

MESbook is present in the entire packaging area, with plans to join the entire value chain by joining the manufacturing area in the short term.

Viokox was approached and advised by the MESbook team on how to improve its management system with the help of the tool, and at the same time adapt the tool to its system throughout the implementation and after-sales phase. The phases consisted of: building data reliability, involving staff at all levels of the organisation and implementing the Customer Success Management process.

Case Study 4.0 - Cosmetics Sector

QUIMI ROMAR: End-to-end connection of the entire plant

QUIMI ROMAR: End-to-end connection of the entire plant

MESbook focused on transforming the manufacturing process, making paper disappear and providing objective information in real time for tactical and strategic decision making.

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