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The (R)evolution of MES systems

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A MES system is the one in charge of production control, it is between the company's ERP and the SCADA or PLCs, but MESbook is not a typical MES program. We say that we are the "(r)evolution" of MES systems because we include cost management, quality or machine learning modules that are not in MES, among others.

Benefits of digitising industry with our MES system

Why use our real-time MES system for factories?


We offer the most advanced industrial digitisation platform on the market.


25 years managing factories. We speak the same language as our customers: industrial.

Customer Success Management

Support after implementation. Improvement projects by industrial experts. 


We offer an all-inclusive, pay-as-you-go model, with no upfront implementation costs. One fee: all the technology and service to digitise your factory.

The (R)evolution of MES systems

Can I implement MES 4.0 software in my factory?

As long as there is a production line, MESbook can be implemented and can be of great benefit to the company's bottom line.

Business sectors in which we operate: Food and Beverage, Automotive and aeronautics, Chemicals, Ceramics and Packaging.

Differences between MESbook and a traditional MES system

The traditional MES system for Industry 4.0 is in charge of production control, it is between the company's ERP and the SCADA or PLCs, but MESbook is not a typical MES system. We say that we are the "(r)evolution" of this type of software because we include cost, quality or machine learning modules that are not in the MES, among many others. 

The most significant difference is the focus on identifying improvement projects in three clicks.

Our MES solutions for industry

- Calendar and Shift Management
- Personnel Planning
- Periodic Reporting and Analysis of operators
- Logs


- Direct Labour
- Material Variance (Shrinkage and Purchase Price)
- Cost per product

- Basic Planning
- Smart Planning and Sequencing
- Smart Planning and Sequencing


- Production Management and Self-Control
- Production Traceability and Statistical Process Control (SPC)
- Purchasing Management and Self-Control
- APQP Digital

- Machine tree
- Orders
- Fault analysis
- Cost management

- O.E.E. and non-O.E.E. causes.
- Control of Production by production order (Operator)
- Multizone Production Control (Supervisor)
- Production Plan
- Work Instructions

- Detailed Line Analysis

- Ease of implementation and sustainability of the LEAN system
- Reduction of response times to problems
- Minimizes or eliminates tasks that do not add value, saving on direct and indirect costs
- Streamlines communication and control of incidents
- Real-time connection with tactical and operational tasks, showing their status, responsible, calendar and all collaborative communication


- Management of material inputs, movements and outputs
- Preparation of material for production plan, production and consumptions
- Locations, management and analysis of stocks

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