Technology in industry: Definition and importance

Over the centuries, the advance of technology has marked the development of industry worldwide. Thanks to its various applications, our society has been able to optimize processes, generate better results, improve worker comfort and contribute to sustainable development.

Today in this new Mesbook article we are going to explore this aspect, to learn a little more about technology in the industry, its advantages, the influence of its control to achieve business excellence in our project and how we can help you to apply it to your project.


What is industrial technology?

When we talk about technology in industry, we are talking about the application of science and engineering in the development and production of goods and services. Industrial technology is constantly evolving and is used in a wide variety of sectors, such as automotive, metallurgy and food.

This technique relies on science and engineering to improve the design, production and operation of processes to achieve this. Advances in this field have enabled industries to become more efficient and competitive.

What technologies are most commonly used in the industry?

There are different types of technologies that are commonly used. It is true that new and better alternatives emerge every year, but they all fall into the four main groups described below:

  • Robotics: it has undoubtedly meant an enormous leap in quality for the industrial sector, since its application in factories makes it possible to perform tasks that are more dangerous or sensitive to human capabilities. In addition, the minimization of errors means an optimization in the final results as never before achieved.
  • Artificial intelligence: this term, linked to automation and the previous point, has made it possible for many sectors to manage themselves autonomously to a high degree. Machine Learning, combined with artificial intelligence, will mean a before and after in the industry.
  • IT: thanks to its impact, today we can monitor any aspect of our work processes, with Mesbook's software, for example. But Cloud Computing, augmented reality and Big Data are also revolutionizing the sector.
  • Telecommunications: interconnection is key to meeting today's business challenges. The much talked about Internet of Things has helped to link different elements together, facilitating the detection of errors in production lines and their management.

Importance of 4.0 technology in factories

Technology 4.0 is the latest major evolution in the industrial world. It is characterized by the interconnection of machines and devices through computing, allowing for greater coordination between them. 4.0 is being implemented in a large number of factories around the world due to the numerous benefits it offers.

Among the most important positive aspects of applying this technology in the industry are the following:

  1. Costs: Thanks to the networking of machines and devices, tasks can be performed more efficiently, thus reducing the time and cost required to carry them out. Errors and problems can also be detected more quickly and the production of defective parts can be avoided, which also reduces the cost of the process. Applying technology in industry reduces administrative work time, and therefore its cost, by reusing resources for tasks that add value.
  2. Improved quality: by being able to monitor and control all production processes, we will be able to detect errors and problems more easily. In addition, it allows the system to guide the operator in carrying out controls and sampling. It is also possible to apply stricter parameters in the manufacturing process to guarantee a better result in the final product.
  3. Productionflexibility: production variables can be easily changed to adapt to customer needs or to respond to market changes. This allows for greater adaptability and efficiency, which translates into improved competitiveness.

Why bet on MESbook?

The tools offered by Mesbook are based on the MES system. This is a type of control and information management that is applied in companies as part of industrial technology 4.0.

By trusting us, you will be able to have clear and concise data, which will be easily interpretable to be able to track the development of our processes. What we pursue with this software is to optimize and improve the operation of any plant or factory, whether large or small.

In this way, we will be able to reduce costs, detect problems and determine what actions we can take to prevent them from happening again.

For our part, we invite you to try out the advantages of using our software. Do not hesitate to contact us to discover all the details.

If you are not familiar with our software, don't worry, learn more about the MES system in this article or contact usdirectly so we can answer your questions.

Marta Cejudo

Product Manager at MESbook

Marta Cejudo

Industrial organization engineer with 4 years of experience in real-time factory management as KAM.

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