HR Automation: Benefits and Examples

HR automation is an increasingly common trend in companies looking to optimize both the performance of their employees and the candidate selection process.

But what is this automation and what are its benefits? Here are some examples of how this technology is transforming the human resources sector and what processes can be automated in human resources. But first, we invite you to learn about the IMOP project and how it will change the industrial workforce.


What does human resources automation mean?

HR automation refers to the use of technology to simplify and improve the processing and management of employee-related information.

Some of the tasks that can be automated include time tracking, benefits management, training planning and recruiting. In addition, it can help save time and reduce costs, allowing companies to focus on other areas of business.

The automation of human resources is a business strategy that is becoming more and more popular and the companies that have this type of software, such as the one offered by Mesbook, are in the thousands. human resources management softwareThe companies that have this type of software, such as the one we offer you from Mesbook, are counted by thousands.

Ideas for automating the HR department of an industrial company

As we said, this is a growing trend in industrial companies. It is a way to improve the efficiency and performance of the HR department while reducing costs.

There are several ways to take advantage of these systems and each company can tailor the solution to its own needs. However, these are some of the most common ideas for doing so:

  • Use applicant tracking software to simplify the selection process.
  • Implement a self-management system so that employees can perform common tasks on their own, such as vacation requests or changes to their personal data.
  • Use technology to facilitate periodic surveys and evaluations with all employees.
  • Implement a system to identify employee training and development needs.
  • Analyze processes and detect points of improvement in performance, within the company's standard procedures.

Benefits of incorporating 4.0 technology to people management

Technology is changing the way we work and, as a result, it is also transforming the way people are managed in companies.

According to The Economist, 70% of CEOs believe that artificial intelligence (AI) will have a significant impact on their businesses in the next five years and, in fact, is already central to Industry 4.0 applications.

On the other hand, a survey conducted by the consulting firm Gartner among 830 human resources managers worldwide concluded that 84% of them plan to incorporate HR automation technologies into their people management processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Not surprisingly, there are many benefits of applying 4.0 technology to people management with software such as Mesbook. Some of the most important are the following:

  • Increased efficiency: thanks to the tracking of tasks and processes, it is possible to save working hours and human resources that can be allocated to other tasks of greater added value.
  • Better decision making: technology makes it possible to collect and analyze a large amount of data on employee performance and behavior, which facilitates better decisions on hiring, training or compensation.
  • Increased engagement: technological tools make it possible to establish more effective communication channels between companies and workers, which fosters engagement and improves corporate culture.
  • Streamlined processes: thanks to the digitization of processes, administrative tasks are simplified and interactions between departments are streamlined.
  • Access to talent: technology makes it possible to reach potential candidates who would otherwise be inaccessible, making it easier to recruit talent.

Examples of HR automation

As for specific examples of HR automation, we can mention tasks such as absenteeism control, payroll calculation or performance analysis.

In that sense, there are companies that monitor not only the employee's entry and exit times, but also their rest times, medical absences or vacation schedules.

The basis of these examples is the same: control is improved, the involvement of third parties is minimized and clear information for further analysis is obtained.

In any case, this is an area in constant evolution and new ways of applying it to improve the department's performance are being found all the time. Technology in the industry (as we saw in this article) is becoming more and more important and the most important thing is to know the different options that can be adapted to our work system.

Remember that we have the HR software you need to control all the processes in your factory, so that you can optimize your processes. This includes, of course, automation. Contact Mesbook without any obligation.

Marta Cejudo

Product Manager at MESbook

Marta Cejudo

Industrial organization engineer with 4 years of experience in real-time factory management as KAM.

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